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hosted engager

Hosted Engagers

These personalized networking events enable you to unite an exclusive group of the most senior decision makers of your community to discuss the most pressing challenges or cutting-edge news in an informal and audience curated networking setting



If you are looking to generate quality leads, re-qualify existing contacts or increase your global reach, our tailor-made webinars are the perfect solution for you. Our marketing approach goes far and beyond by specifically targeting your intended accounts, enabling you to engage with your community better and faster



Showcase your thought leadership and educate your market with industry-leading insight in an interactive and deep-dive half-day workshop setting that facilitate the gathering of those pioneering advances in your community



Demonstrate your thought leadership, strengths your brand positioning and uncover meaningful market insights through hosting your very own one-day stand-alone mastermind. Deepening your market credibility, work with your industry peers to deep-dive into topics that matter the most in these one-day meetings

bespoke connections

Bespoke Connections

Get access to exclusive and pre-qualified connections that generate valuable business interests and valuable relationships to grow your business and brand more rapidly and effectively