Upcoming Clinical Biomarkers & Diagnostics Events

October 2022

The Guardant Health Engager is an exclusive 2-hour networking event designed for BioPharma Directors, Heads & VPs working in the Translational Medicine and Companion Diagnostics space looking to stay ahead of the curve and develop the next generation of cancer therapeutics.

The NeoGenomics Engager will take biopharma Directors, Heads & VPs working in the precision oncology space on a deep dive into the new, emerging and transformative opportunities biomarkers assays, such as IHC and mIF, hold for the future of cancer care.

November 2022

The PathAI Engager is an exclusive event designed to navigate through the latest advancements in AI-powered NASH assessment and discover how biopharma companies are taking this approach in their clinical trials for more reproducible results, as well as unlocking novel insights in translational research.

The Roche PHCS News & Brews comes at a crucial moment in time. Exclusively designed for top decision-makers in biopharma and academia working in the biomarker discovery, digital pathology, and precision medicine space, this 2-hour networking meeting will discuss how to maximize the success of biomarker-driven trials and indulge in high-level discussions to strategize the implementation of these technologies to help you improve your ability to treat disease and identify drug targets in immune-oncology.

The Agilent Technologies Engager will be focusing on the utilization of liquid biopsies in therapy selection, detection of biomarkers that cause resistance and continued response monitoring and how this can be used to advance novel biomarker discovery.

The Almac Diagnostic Services Engager is an exclusive event designed to bring together Biopharma Directors, Heads & VPs working in genomic precision medicine Biomarker Discovery, Assay Development & Validation, and Companion Diagnostics, to explore how to maximise the success of biomarker driven clinical trials globally.